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Greenspoint Mall Houston

Greenspoint Mall Houston Hours:  Mon - Sat: 10 AM until 9 PM     Sun: Noon until 6 PM


Map - Greenspoint Mall

Address Greenspoint Mall: 12300 North Freeway, Houston, TX 77060

This one’s pretty easy from downtown Houston. Take I-45 North in the lanes marked for Dallas.  Then take Exit 61 toward Greens Road.  You will then merge onto the West Interstate 45 Service Road. You then turn right into the mall.  It will take about fourteen minutes to get there from downtown during non-rush hours. However, during rush hours, traffic will be very heavy and slow.  There’s plenty of parking on all sides of the mall, so that should not be an issue. Be mindful of the exits along both I-45 and Beltway 8, as it’s easy to miss them, and somewhat inconvenient to loop back around to get back to the mall, and the mall is not readily visible from I-45 until it’s too late to exit for Greenspoint Mall Houston.